How We started Berber

Hey, my name is Kenan Katica, and i am the co-founder of Berber and the director of our Berber School. We came to an idea of founding Berber in the beginning of 2017. Our goal was to make and build a places where people can hang out, network, drink coffee and enjoy. With time our crowd and customers grow really fast.

Today we are proud to say that we have successfully reanimated traditional barber space which was a center point for our people in generations but unfortunately started being forgotten.

Our customers since the first visit started coming back just to say hi, drink coffee, talk and relax, maybe they will get a haircut maybe not, but they will come just to feel the atmosphere. Everyone visits Berber, from actors, politicians, businessman, all sorts of people, young old you name it.

In Berber you will encounter the variety of people living in Sarajevo. They come, they laugh, make business deals, compare prices while waiting on their turn for a nice cut, makeover or one our special treatments.

All our employees are professionally educated, they finished our Barber School after they graduated in barber high school.


We are currently planning on opening more shops in the city centre.

Our Barber School 2020 is about to start this season as we are filling the new applicants and we are looking forward to open more franchise in the neighbouring countries.


Looking forward seeing you at Berber.

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